3 Design Resources for Non-Designers

1. Canva

I can't tell you how many times I've told myself I would learn Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, only to realize that I actually meant I needed to know how to do about five different "functions" — i.e. resize an image, change a fill color, add a button on top of a photo. Canva is a Design Web App that is built exactly around that: the most frequent use cases for non-designers. But that's not to undersell Canva. In fact, Canva is likely what Adobe programs would look like if Adobe chose to refine them specifically for the majority.

That is just to say that Canva is for everyone, and Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator are for the professionals.

2. Noun Project

This is an icon library and it's mesmerizing. It's a way to take advantage of the creative visualization questions people have already faced and answered (an icon for "blog", an icon for "mobile app" etc.) so you can free yourself up to focus your time on the more creative, complex and unique problems that face your business. 

Icons in Noun Project are $1.99 each. A monthly subscription is only $9.99. 

3. 99 Designs

This is a site that allows you to host design contests to solicit new design concepts. It's perfect for getting fresh art for a new landing page, a seasonal campaign, a series of fresh banner ads. You write up a brief, upload it to the design community, review the design submissions as they roll in (99 designs guarantees a solid amount of submissions) and pick your winner(s).

Another perk — once you find a designer you like, you can continue to work with them on other projects as needed. Design contests start at $199.


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