Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising

I know firsthand how frustrating the answer "it depends" can be. It's just not helpful. More often than not, it has less to do with the issue being extremely nuanced/complicated, and more to do with the sayer not knowing enough to be confident in their answer.

So, in that vein...

From everything I've seen in executing digital marketing plans and paid media for the last few years, Facebook ads are very effective.

Most of the time, they work, and most of the time, they work well. Why? Because...

  • They're appearing on a platform in which the user is very engaged, frequently in the exact area where your ad appears (the newsfeed)

  • They're focused entirely on a specific objective that you'd like to drive for your business, thereby helping to drive results

  • They can reach exactly who you want to — over half of the entire U.S. population is on Facebook

Compare this tactic of buying Facebook advertising (also known as "native advertising") to purchasing media on a network (like Google Display Network) where your ads are running across the internet as your target user browses. You can quickly get a sense for potential benefits/drawbacks, and how they function differently in an overall digital marketing plan. 

Here are 3 Easy Tips to get you started in Facebook Advertising: 

  • Start broad without heavy targeting constraints — this will help your ad get out of the gate, and gain traction.

  • Set up your campaigns so that you can glean an insight — meaning, your campaign results will be actionable.

  • Always make sure your ad has a strong call to action (buttons in imagery, text on image, etc)

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